June 22nd, 2011

Indoor Swimming Pool Inspection…sort of!

Home inspection in Fort Worth, Texas  76101

We recently did a home inspection on an older home in Fort Worth, Texas.  This home was fairly typical for this age house (built in the 50’s) but maintenance was lacking somewhat.  The owner made a fairly large “to do” about how good the plumbing was in the house and the fact that all sinks, bathtubs, showers and other drains ran so free and clear of any obstructions.  And as we inspected the interior of the house, we had to agree.  The drains ran really good.  No stoppages at all, rather unusual for an older house like this.  Usually there are hair clogs, p-trap stoppages and other blockages that cause poor drainage in sinks and bathtubs.  Not here though!  Everything drained as fast as the faucets ran.

Oh, did I mention that the house was built on a pier and beam foundation!  Yeah, that means I have to put on the old jump suit, locate the scuttle hole and crawl in the dirt, mud, spider webs, raccoon poop, loose and hanging electrical wires, pest control chemicals (chlordane) and anything else that has been deposited under this old house in the past 60 something years.  I really don’t mind though.  Usually, the crawl spaces in these old houses are cleaner than the inside of the house.  :>)

Well, I dove in the scuttle hole and started maneuvering around the area and to my surprise (not really, I expect these kind of things now days) I was hearing running water.  I crawled toward the sound of the water, turned on my trusty flash light and thought to myself…I’m going to have to charge extra for inspecting the indoor swimming pool!  No one told me this place had a swimming pool!  I do turn on all the faucets before crawling under a pier and beam house to check for leaks in the plumbing so there was plenty of water flowing.  AND, plenty of really good drainage!  No stoppages here!

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